DEEP DIVE: Dani Michelle

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Dani Michelle wearing HEATHER II in Blackout


Born and raised in Washington D.C., DANI MICHELLE brings a dynamic and authentic approach to celebrity styling. Her fashion career kicked off while working in the accessories department at Seventeen Magazine in New York City. Working behind the scenes of her first photoshoot, Dani realized styling was her calling. Constantly seeking new ways to integrate her fresh and edgy point of view with classic timelessness and sophistication, it wasn’t long before Dani’s love of fashion turned into a successful career as a highly sought after celebrity stylist. Dani’s impressive clientele includes Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kristin Cavallari, Amanda Steele, Erika Jayne, Miguel and Nazanin, Maren Morris, Shanina Shaik, and Edgar Ramirez, to name a few. Her work graces the pages of various publications such as Vogue Mexico, Vanity Fair Italia, L’uomo Vogue, L’Officiel, Glamour UK, V Magazine, GQ Italia among others. Dani has been a part of a variety of collaborations and campaigns with noteworthy brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, Hudson Jeans, Lee Jeans, Missguided, Adidas, Revlon, Too Faced, and many others. Inspired by her world travels, family, and clients, Dani continues to work tirelessly on expanding her business and growing her brand. Being incredibly hands on with her work, Dani has built great relationships throughout this industry. Seeing her clients empowered empowers Dani, and it is her authenticity that has made her a fashion powerhouse. Her discerning eye combined with her genuine passion will continue to support her flourishing career.

Dani currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

AB: Have you always known you’ve wanted to work for yourself? And did you always know you wanted to be a stylist?

DM -I didn’t know I wanted to be self employed. With that said, I consider myself a leader so it makes sense that I don’t have a higher up.  I knew I wanted to be a stylist the minute I understood this was a job.

AB:I find it difficult to turn work off and unwind, How do you achieve a work/life balance ?

DM - It’s really difficult, as there is always more than can be done. And even when I’m not working in my office I’m connecting with others, researching designers or finding new inspiration. The only way I’m able to turn off is to literally take my phone away from me.

AB:I think it’s easy for a lot of women to look at an entrepreneur like yourself and think you are lucky - can you share instances or challenges you’ve had to overcome?

DM -I always say that someone can open the door but you have to walk through it and create the path forward. I was given one introduction which gave me opportunity. From there, everything I built came from doing honest work, giving everything 110%, being kind, and letting each successful job lead to the next.  This doesn’t mean that getting here wasn’t hard. There were times when I didn't feel I was being seen and I wanted to call my mom and give up. Even now I still overthink my journey. It’s hard to see your success from the inside.


AB:What has been a pivotal moment in your career?

DM-I think once I started doing street style my career changed.

AB:To what do you attribute your success?

DM -It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.

AB:What are some of your go to self care routines?

DM -Facials, massages, or just good old comfy clothes and reality TV!

AB:How does your female clientele continue to inspire and motivate you?

DM - They are all so different. Therefore, when each client calls, I get to explore a different side of myself and fashion. It never gets old as I’m constantly rotating my mind.




AB: Any advice you would give to someone who has always wanted to start their own path but is still fearful?

DM -Find someone that believes in you, and give it your all. Show the world what you can do.

AB:Any advice you would give to someone who Is trying to find their true calling?

DM -Explore, investigate, and pursue every opportunity until you find something that makes you feel like you’re not working.

AB:Who is your mentor and/or inspiration? Why do they inspire you?

DM -My mentor is my mother who showed me what it was to be a self-made successful boss. I wanted to make my own money so I knew I would never need a man to support me.

AB:How would you style the HEATHER sunglass?

DM -I love this shape because they are a fashion take on a classic frame. I wore them with a swimsuit just because it's summer, but they’re a year round frame!

AB:What do you look for in a sunglass?

DM -I think my concern, which is what my clients look for as well, is finding a fit that is proportional and flattering to your face shape.